AMAC-UK is one of 13 Croatian Alumni Associations around the world, organised as AMAC MUNDUS.

AMAC-UK was founded in May 1993 at the Green College, Oxford, at a meeting which attracted some 70 former graduates, as well as friends of Croatian Universities. It came about as a result of an initiative which started late in 1992 by a small, enthousiastic group of alumni centered around Oxford and London. Since the inagural meeting, the annual gathering is traditionally held on the second Sunday in May, always in Oxford, followed by a festive lunch for members and families. Annual meeting includes also an Annual lecture, covering well known links between Croatia and the UK.

Over the years AMAC-UK activities comprised provision of support studentships for undergraduates studying in Croatia and annual awards for young scientists and researchers, for the best research publication appearing in international journals, related to research conducted in Croatia, to be spent on academic visits to associated institutions or conferences in the UK. The purpose of these actions was to help academically able students who face financial difficulties, as well as to give a modest, yet formal recognition to the high quality research conducted in Croatia. Eligibility criteria for the annual award are very high (research publications in refereed international journals are required, and publications must be based on a research which is conducted entirely in Croatia). Since 1995 the attention is focused primarily to annual AMAC-UK Awards in form of a modest support for small scale research projects in Croatia, with links to the UK. Call for the Annual Award is widely publised at all universities in Croatia and has gained considerable popularity and prestige.

Funding for the Annual Award comes from membership fees, charitable events and donations.


AMAC Educational Trust Charity No 1059392
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Phone/Fax (01865) 556 686
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